The Avery Theater is a volunteer-driven not-for-profit organization. Apart from a small part-staff, the Avery is fully staffed by volunteers from Garner and the surrounding communities. Several businesses and civic groups have “claimed” a specific night to supply volunteer staffing each month, however several dates and times remain available.

To volunteer for an open slot, please sign up in the Avery Lobby, or
Contact the Volunteer Coordinator by phone call or text at 641-231-4286 or by email at AveryVolunteer@gmail.com At present, sign-ups are not being taken electronically.

The current Volunteer Schedule by each movie may be found at the link below:

Volunteer Schedule


Each of the six weekly shows requires a volunteer staff to…

  • Pop popcorn,
  • Work concessions and
  • Clean the restrooms and auditorium following the feature film.


Volunteers are asked to be at least 16 years of age, however youth ages 13 and older may assist under the direct supervision of an adult parent or guardian.

Volunteers shifts begin one hour before show time for training and preparation duties. The shift ends approximately 30 to 45 minutes following the end of the feature presentation.

To volunteer or learn which dates are available, please click here to access our current schedule. You can also contact the Volunteer Coordinator by sending an email to AveryVolunteer@gmail.com or by leaving a message by voicemail or text at 641-231-4286.